The Greatest Indoor Range in Michigan

Take Aim

We have two ranges. 

The 20 yard range with 8 lanes. That you can shoot from 5-20 yards on with 4x4 targets with wheels that can be moved to any yardage. 


The 50 yard range has 10 lanes. That you can shoot from 5-50 yards with 4x4 targets can moved to any yardage you want. 


Ranges are field tips ONLY. If you wanna shoot broadheads or practice broadheads. You must bring in your own target and we will accommodate you. 


We run a winter and fall 3-D leagues. 


Winter league is 10 weeks long. Legs are shot Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7 PM to 9 PM. Leagues are partnered. If you don’t have a partner we can provide one for you. 30 targets in total, two rounds of 15 targets. Scored 10,8,5. All Targets Rinehart targets with IBO scoring. All inserts are replaced before every league. 


Our fall league is August and September. 8 weeks Tuesday and Wednesday nights. 


After the completion of the league we always have a banquet for all nights. Where door prizes will be given out, auction prizes and first second and third place awards will be given. 


Dinner and beverages provided with the cost of the league at the banquet. 

Shooters must pay for their own alcoholic beverages. 


Winter league cost $180

Fall league cost $140