MOR Archery

Passionate About Inspiring Others

MOR Archery began not as a shop but as a product. MOR Archery grew out of the development of the MOR Original Target Archery System. A target system designed to let an archer practice with their arrows indoors all year long.


Like any other business, time, and the ability to get your product in front of people will grow successfully. MOR feels that without the support and encouragement from many, this journey would have been even more challenging. The 4-5 years of support from John Hernandez pushed us to our start in 2010.


Now to find a home to run a successful archery shop?  MOR Archery shop started in a fantastic building acquired from family. A building that was once the home of the family furniture store. MOR Archery has now become a destination archery shop for many people in the mid-west. With two separate indoor ranges, one dedicated to 20 yard target shooters, the second reaching out to 50 yards. What a tremendous asset for a pro shop to built around. 

In the journey to becoming a reputable shop, that meant the best brands need to be available. MOR began the ride and was able first to secure, BOWTECH, and Diamond Brand bows. This lead the way to then achieve other major manufacture brands like Hoyt, PSE, Mathews, Elite, Raven, Ten Point Crossbows, and the many different vendors that support the sport of archery. 

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